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Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit*
This American Heart Association innovative self-directed learning program is designed to teach the core skills of CPR in just 22 minutes in the comfort of your own home, without an instructor!

Family & Friends CPR Anytime is a personal learning product that teaches lay people, in the comfort of their own homes, the core skills to perform Adult and Child CPR in just 22 minutes.

CPR Anytime instructs the user in a “practice-while-watching” format.  The kit includes a 22-minute instructional DVD, a personal, inflatable manikin with integrated adult/child compression clicker, and an American Heart Association Family and Friends CPR Student Book.

- Scientifically proven to be educationally effective in training core CPR skills!

- Updated to include the 2005 AHA Guidelines Science!

- 80% of cardiac arrests occur in the home.  Learning CPR can make the difference between life and death for your family and friends...

Order Your CPR Anytime Kit now for only $49.95

*The Family & Friends CPR Anytime course is not a certification course and is not appropriate for those who need workplace or healthcare provider CPR certification.  The course is for the lay rescuer who does not need certification.

The AHA strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose.  Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA, and any fees charged for such a course do not represent income to the Association.  Kansas City First Aid is an Authorized Training Site of the American Heart Association.