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Eye Wash & Drops

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Prod No. Product Description Price Cart
244805 Refresh Plus, Lubricant Eye Drops, Sterile Single Use, Bag/5 3.80  
2448730 Refresh Plus, Lubricant Eye Drops, Sterile Single Use, Box/30 18.62  
2464015 Artificial Tears, 1/2 oz Bottle (on right) Sterile isotonic solution to help relieve dryness in the eyes. 1.78  
242800 Tetrasine, 1/2 oz Bottle (center) Soothes irritated eyes and helps take the red out.  Compares to Visine. 1.49  
2465015 Industrial Eye Drops, 1/2 oz Bottle (on left) Helps relieve irritation in eyes due to exposure to smoke, dust, welders flash and other irritants. 1.48  
240804 Visine, 1/2 oz. Eye Drops 6.68  
240806 Swifteez Eye Wash, 1/2 oz (on left) 1.75  
240801 Swifteez Eye Wash, 1 oz. 2.55  
240803 Swifteez Eye Wash 4oz. 2.75  
240808 Sterile Eye Wash and Skin Solution (8oz) 4.25  
240810 Eye wash & Skin Flushing Solution, 16 oz. 6.50  
24906S Eye Cups (Vial/6) 2.45